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Setting up DreamWeaver for our CPanel hosting - Webmasters Support for Cheap Web Hosting
Launch Dreamweaver on your home PC
Click on SITE on the top menu and then select MANAGE SITES
Name your site anything, like
Then click on the ADVANCED TAB

You should see Local info and Remote info now.
Local info is where your website files reside on you home PC.
Remote info is the info on your server account with us.

You should already see your site name filled in.
Press on the icon to the right of Local root folder and find where your website files are on your home PC.
If it is an existing website, choose that existing folder. If it is a new website, create a new folder. Do the same with the default images folder. (Note that only you will know where your local PC files are).

For http:// address enter your domain name you purchased web hosting with us.
As an example if your domain is, you would enter
Ok your local info is now defined.

Now click on the REMOTE INFO tab.

Set Access to mode FTP
FTP HOST: Will be your domain name minus any http://www. So if your domain name is then that is all you enter here. Do not enter www.
Host Directory: For all Cpanel enabled accounts enter public_html/
make sure to include the backslash /
Username: Enter your FTP username as stated in your welcome email
Password: Enter your FTP password as stated in your welecome email
Click on SAVE PASSWORD so you don't have to re-enter it
Passive transfers: click this box ON (if you have connection troubles you can try clicking it off).
Firewall: You usually leave this checked off
SFTP: You usually leave this checked off
Checkin and checkout: Use this option if you only want altered files to transfer to the server. Leave it off if you want the entire site to transfer each time.

Click on test to test your logon. If it does not work, try changing your Passive and Firewall settings.
If it works of press OK at the bottom of the page to exit this page.

Once everything is going good, click DONE and that information will be saved (you should see it on the right side)

If you run into any issues, please feel free to submit a trouble ticket inside the members area with as much information you can provide so we can diagnose your issue.