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How can I get my CGI script to run OUTSIDE the cgi-bin - Webmasters Support for Cheap Web Hosting
First of all you need to create .htaccess file in dir from which you want to use your CGI scripts(If you want that dir be mainwebsite_html you just need to add rules into file because it is already created. Do not erase your .htaccess file in your mainwebsite_html dir because that will brake your Frontpage Extensions configuration):

Options +FollowSymlinks
Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script cgi pl

After that in editor create a simple test program:


print "Content-type: text/plainnnIt works!n";

After that save it under the name test.cgi change the attribute of that file to 755 that is, do a command chmod 755 test.cgi. Than go to and check does your CGI script works.