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How do I publish my site with FrontPage 98 - Webmasters Support for Cheap Web Hosting
Please be advised that due to End-of-Life of MicroSoft FrontPage extensions, we will no longer be offering FrontPage extensions to new clients.
Clients currently using FrontPage extensions will still have this option.

These are the steps to Login using your FrontPage 98

1: Open Front Explorer
2: Click file
3: Click on FrontPage Web
4: Select your local Web
5: Click OK in the Getting Started window
6: Click the Publish button in the FrontPage Explorer window after the Web site opens.
7: Click More Webs in the publish window.
8: Type http://www.your domain name, in the format of, into the combo box of the Publish FrontPage Web window.
9: Click OK.
10: Enter the site admin username and password(IE: admin - NOT
11: FrontPage should begin publishing your site to your web space.
12: If you wish to publish to a subdirectory on your Web space, in the format of, simply type the entire URL to which you wish to publish. This will create a Child Web.