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What happens once I purchase a hosting plan from you - Webmasters Support for Cheap Web Hosting
Once you have purchased a hosting plan from us, you will receive your account information from us within 5-10 minutes.
The email you receive from us will include all the information you will need on your account. PLEASE read through this whole email so you have a good understanding of your account.

This is just a list of the things that happen on our end.

1: We will insure that the purchase went through fine.
2: We will cross-reference all account information to ensure that all of your contact details are correct.
3: We will CONTACT YOU via phone to ensure that this is the correct person who requested the hosting.
4: conduct a thorough fraud investigation to ensure that you are the rightful owner of the credit card.
5: If we find the card to not belong to you, we will immediately cancel your account, and forward all information to the appropriate authorities.