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How do I update my credit card with WorldPay? - Webmasters Support for Cheap Web Hosting
Log in to the Shopper Management System here:

The Recurring Payments (FuturePay) Shopper Home Page is displayed.

Under the Agreement ID column, select the hypertext displaying the Agreement ID you want to change the payment details for.

The FuturePay Agreement Details screen is displayed.

Select the Change Payment Details button at the top of the screen.

The Change Payment Details page is displayed.

Enter the new card or bank account details. For more information on the fields you must fill out, please refer to Change Payment Details Page Description. An asterisk (*) after a detail means you must supply that detail.

Select the Submit button to enter your new payment details into the system.

RBS WorldPay will attempt to take the next payment, when due, from the updated card or bank account. If there are any outstanding payments due, we will attempt to debit payment within 24 hours. Once further payment will be taken each consecutive day for any outstanding payment (for each scheduled payment that has been missed).

To leave this page, select one of the buttons such as Go to Home Page or Go Back to Agreement

There are certain restrictions and considerations when changing your payment details, as follows:

If you are also changing the type of card (for example, VISA to MasterCard or Maestro to VISA), we advise that you contact the online store first to confirm they support your card type.

If an agreement was originally set up with an American Express (Amex) card, then you can only change your card details to another Amex card. Cards other than Amex cannot be accepted. If you want to use a non-Amex card, you must first cancel the existing agreement and set up a new one with the online store.

If your agreement was set up with ELV (Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren), you cannot change payment method to pay by credit/debit card and vice versa. You must first cancel the existing agreement and set up a new one with the online store.

Unable to enter new Card Details?
Our system will not let you enter the new card details until the old card has expired. Please wait until the first day of the month following the expiry date of your current card, then update your card details.